Damp Proof Course

To solve your dampness problem an effective damp proof course will often be needed which will entail a damp proof course or DPC. However it needn't be too inconvenient or messy to implement. From our base in Cardiff, damp proofing solutions are only a call or click away as we are located conveniently for all our customers in South Wales.

Damp proof treatment available?

The installation of a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC) is injected into the base of the wall, supplemented with:

1. A Vertical Damp Proof Course, and
2. Re-plastering will cure the problem.

How does the DPC work?

The chemical is installed either as a cream or liquid into the base of the wall. The walls of the fissures are lined with silicone to make them very slippery, reducing the surface tension of the water and stopping its ability to rise.

To solve your dampness problem an effective Damp Proof Course (DPC) will often be needed
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